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Photo of a tractor working a field at sunset to accompany post about interview with Artem Milinchuk of FarmTogether
Interview with Artem Milinchuk, FarmTogether Founder and CEO

Learn why nearly $2T in US farmland is going to change hands, how plant-based proteins are shifting crop patterns, and why investors are rushing to the safety and stability of farmland during the pandemic

Photo of wine bottles in a wine rack
Interview with Anthony Zhang, Vinovest Founder and CEO

Insightful conversation on wine investing for novices, lessons learned as a serial founder, and what's broken about the definition of an accredited investor

Aerial photo of a tractor plowing a field. Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash
How (and Why) to Invest in Farmland

If you're looking for a truly diverse real estate portfolio, there's good reason to at least consider farmland. These 3 platforms offer easy access to everyday investors.

Photo of people riding a roller coaster, and dropping straight down as a metaphor for this week's stock market tumble
Worried about the stock market?

There will always be times like this in the stock market, and they're good reminders of why it's important to diversify your portfolio, ideally into the kinds of assets that don’t move with the stock market

Photo of a 'closed but still awesome' sign on a storefront as a metaphor for retiring website
Retiring (and where to go instead for researching Reg CF issuers)

We're closing down Crowdfilings, but here's 6 great sites investors can use instead for tracking and learning more about Reg CF investments

Photo of a construction worker welding some beams on a building to symbolize opportunity zone investing like the kind the EquityMultiple offers
Q&A with EquityMultiple CEO Charles Clinton on their Opportunity Zone investment program

Opportunity Zone investments offer substantial tax benefits while ostensibly helping to spur development where it's most needed. EquityMultiple CEO Charles Clinton talks about their approach to the program

Photo of a pilot at the controls of an airplane flying at night
How to Invest in Crowdfunding and Other Alternatives using an IRA or 401K

Most 401K and IRA plans limit investment options to a list of mutual funds, but there is a way to take control so you can diversify into real estate, startups, and much more

Photo of a window sign saying 'free delivery'
The 4 Numbers You Need to Know Before Investing in a Subscription or SaaS Business

Recurring revenue is a wonderful thing, but not all subscription businesses are created equal

Photo of a wilting brown wheat as metaphor for RealtyShares failing to grow more
3 Harsh Realities Highlighted by RealtyShares' Stumbles

The cold, hard math behind the customer-acquisition arms race in investment crowdfunding

Photo of a pile of cold-storage cryptocurrency coins
Image of two people reviewing what appear to be financial documents in front of a computer. used to illustrate post about crowdfunding companies. photo courtesy of unsplash
How Crowdfunding Companies Trade Transparency for Access to Capital (And Why That’s a Good Thing)

Some say the JOBS Act has reduced IPO activity, but it’s also improved access to capital for a lot of small businesses—and increased transparency and disclosure along with it

photo of a soap bubble used to illustrate post about the bitcoin bubble. photo via unsplash
The Banality of the Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoin's a bubble, but bubbles are a common feature of capitalism, quickly diffusing technological innovations. How to learn what matters most about this new technology without losing your shirt.

photo of a raised hand from an audience member
4 Keys to Crowdfunding Due Diligence from 4 Industry Insiders

Recap with video of a lively panel discussion on crowdfunding due diligence featuring four industry experts on real estate, startups and alternative assets

Man reviewing charts and graphs on a tablet device
Lessons Learned from Crowdfunding Investments Gone Bad

An unvarnished look at how different crowdfunding platforms communicate when investments don't perform as expected

photo of a woman walking a tightrope over a cliff as a metaphor for the precarious nature of startups
Reg CF Filings Data Part 2: The Precarious Nature of Startups Up Close

A closer look at some data points underscoring the risks inherent with investing in startups raising money through Regulation Crowdfunding

Man reviewing a bunch of random charts on a tablet device
Reg CF Fundraising to Date in 5 Charts

Here’s 5 charts visualizing some of that data that help provide some insight into the state of Regulation Crowdfunding as we near the 18-month mark

Photo of row of classic victorian houses in san francisco to illustrate post about 2017 ultimate guide to real estate crowdfunding for non-accredited investors
2017 Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Crowdfunding for Non-Accredited Investors

Non-accredited investors have more options than ever before to participate in real estate, a category of investments that is actually larger than the entire stock market

Photo of a Victorian single-family home used as featured artwork for interview piece with Sohin Shah of Instalend. Photo via Jessica Furtney on Unsplash
InstaLend Founder and CEO Sohin Shah on Building a Real Estate Crowdfunding Business With 100% Individual Investors

In this Q&A, the serial entrepreneur and active angel investor shares his unique perspective on the evolving investment crowdfunding landscape

picture of someone adjusting a rock climbing safety harness
Are Crowdfunding Sites Safe Places to Invest?

Mergers, consolidation, “pivots”, restructuring, lawsuits, and even bankruptcies — there will no doubt be more of all of these within the investment crowdfunding ecosystem, so know what that means for you as an investor

picture of someone weighing cannabis on a scale to illustrate blog post about how anyone can now invest in cannabis startups
5 Ways Anyone Can Invest in Cannabis Startups

For those looking to get in early on this budding industry, here’s 5 places to look for ways anyone invest in cannabis startups through investment crowdfunding

generic cityscape photo
Republic CEO Ken Nguyen On Reg CF Crowdfunding and How Investments Are Like A Vote In Society

The AngelList alum talks with us about how Republic is built to scale with Reg CF, why his team is like family, and how learning by investing in startups can be like getting an "MBA-lite"

photo of a pretty single-family home
Having Someone Else Pay Your Mortgage Might Not Be the Deal It Sounds Like

It's invoked regularly and enthusiastically as evidence of the superiority of real estate investing, but that leverage may not be worth as much as you think

photo of a woman holding her finger in front of her mouth in a 'shhh...' gesture
Why Investment Crowdfunding Sites Ask So Many Personal Questions

Crowdfunding sites are designed to feel a lot more like online shopping than a bank, but they’re still beholden to a range of bank-style requirements for collecting customer data

photo of passersby checking out vendor stalls near a waterfront
Non-Accredited Investors Have More Equity Crowdfunding Options Than They Realize

35 states now allow non-accredited residents to invest in local crowdfunding deals, often with higher limits than at the federal level

photo from nypl archives of an old-timey boxing match
Wefunder vs. SeedInvest

Comparing two of the biggest investment crowdfunding platforms offering startup investments to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

photo of someone holding a small seedling in their hand
4 Ways to Try Crowdfunded Impact Investing for as Little as $100

Crowdfunded impact investing has opened up a range of new choices for everyday investors to fund specific social and environmental outcomes

archive photo of autopen machine used as a metaphor for interview with Amy Wan that talks about automating legal contracts
Bootstrap Legal CEO Amy Wan on AI for Fundraising Docs, ICOs, and the Brave New World of Investment Crowdfunding

Amy shares her unique perspective across the investment crowdfunding ecosystem, from real estate to startups to blockchains -- squarely at the intersection of technology, finance, and the law.

photo of two women working on laptops around a dining room table
Can "microVC" Crowdfunding Help Women Founders Close a $300B Funding (and Gender) Gap?

New data from PwC highlights the headwinds female founders face from traditional financing routes, but also shows how crowdfunding is helping to level the playing field

photo from new york public library digital collection showing a gold miner getting his latest haul weighed
Bitcoin and Ether as Alternative Investments

It's a bit like the Wild West right now in the world of cryptocurrencies, but is there also a case to make for them as alternative investments?

photo of someone working on a laptop
9 Free Tools That Will Improve Your Investment Crowdfunding Due Diligence of Startups

Use these tools to round out your perspective on a startup as part of your investment crowdfunding due diligence

photo of row houses
A Q&A With Holdfolio CEO Jacob Blackett

On Holdfolio's novel approach to offering fractional debt and equity investments in portfolios of single-family homes to accredited and non-accredited investors alike

photo of a zebra grazing
Know Your Alternative Investing Style: Are you a Zebra or a Lion?

Are you out for blood when investing? Or just steady income? It all comes down to what's right given the combination of your circumstances and psychology.

photo of san francisco neighborhood showing lots of multi-family apartment building, homes, and commercial buildings
Why You Should Care About Real Estate as an Investor (Even If You Don’t Care About Real Estate Investing)

Residential real estate is bigger than the stock market, and bigger than GDP. Even if you aren't a real estate investor, it's a part of our economy you can't afford to ignore

photo of two cups of coffee to illustrate a casual cafe chat
EquityMultiple CEO Charles Clinton on the Evolution of Online Real Estate Investing and the Critical Role of Investor Education

A chat with EquityMultiple CEO Charles Clinton, with his perspective on real estate, crowdfunding in general, and the “stress-test” component of their due diligence process.

obligatory photo of a millennial in a backward cap overlooking a city scene
24 Ways to Invest Using Crowdfunding for Non-Accredited Investors

From real estate to startups to P2P loans, non-accredited investors have a lot of choices among online crowdfunding and alternative investment platforms

photo of file folders
A Look Inside My Crowdfunding Portfolio

A list of all of my online crowdfunding and alternative investments, across more than a dozen different platforms (spanning Real Estate, P2P loans, Angel/Venture, litigation finance and more).

photo of two people's hands working across a table, looks like one is interviewing the other
AlphaFlow CEO Ray Sturm on Real Estate Crowdfunding and the Importance of the Individual Investor

AlphaFlow CEO Ray Sturm on his journey through the crowdfunding ecosystem and the future of equity and real estate crowdfunding.

desk with maps, magnifying glasses, and other exploration metaphors
The Due Diligence Skill That Will Make You a Better Crowdfunding Investor

A vital skill for any crowdfunding investor is the ability to quickly narrow down your choices to focus your valuable time on the only best opportunities.

photo of seedlings growing in the dirt
5 of the Best Equity Crowdfunding Sites for Beginning Investors

Equity crowdfunding sites are opening up a smorgasbord of choices for investing in startups and small businesses to adventurous everyday investors-- from mobile apps to gourmet pet-food delivery to broadway musicals to cafes and breweries. This post will cover some of the best equity crowdfunding sites for trying your hand at startup investing while keeping the amount you're risking as low as possible.

mashup photo of old-timey guy with a tophat and a monocle made to look like he's using a mac laptop
How Crowdfunded Investing Helps Democratize Capitalism

Crowdfunded investing offers the influence once reserved for the wealthy, helping pick which companies get funding to launch products or grow their business.

magnifying glass and pen on the top of an open book
This One Due Diligence Question Will Make You a Better Crowdfunding Investor

Before you pull the trigger on a particular investment, make sure you know which kind of entity is behind it, so you can make an informed judgment about the level and quality of due diligence that’s gone into the offering.

photo of a bicycle race
Are You Investing to Win or Investing to Not Lose?

The word "diversification" comes up a *lot* around crowdfunding and alternative investments, but there are important differences in what it can (and can’t) do to your risk and reward potential, depending on the type of investments you’re making.

photo of an array of many confusing road signs
Decoding the Alphabet Soup of Crowdfunding Regulations

Navigating and deciphering the inscrutable alphabet soup of the relevant crowdfunding regulations, rules, laws, and requirements is about as much fun as …. well, navigating and deciphering an alphabet soup of laws, rules, and regulations.

close up photo of a computer chip motherboard
3 Reasons Why Technology as We Know it is About to Get Boring

The concept of sequential waves of technological innovation — first emerging and disrupting the status quo, and then gradually becoming the status quo—is familiar to students of Schumpeter’s “creative destruction.” But while it’s useful to know that these waves happen, even more useful from the perspective of planning and investing is spotting when one may be about to crest and the next begin.

photo of a toddler crawling up steps with his teddy bear
Baby Steps: Getting Started with Crowdfunded Real Estate

You can read and research all you want, but there’s no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and actually doing the thing you’re trying to learn about. And early on during that process, I know there’s a very good chance I’ll make a mistake, so the focus is on maximizing the amount I can learn while minimizing the downside even if I screw up. In this post I’ll talk through three of my early investments, and talk through what I’ve learned from each as I’ve ramped up my knowledge, my comfort level, and the amounts invested.

someone extending a hand with money in it
Would you Loan Money to an NBA Player? A Closer Look at YieldStreet and its Uncommon Investment Offerings

YieldStreet is worth a closer look, offering a wide range of sometimes-exotic investments with relatively short hold times.

photo of forking path in the woods
Seeking Optionality: Lowering Risk While Benefiting from Uncertainty

Most of us have heard of "stock options", but it turns out that formal, structured options (especially those that involve pre-determined amounts of money and signed contracts) are the exception, rather than the rule. We don't usually label it as optionality, but it abounds all around us -- and much of the time it doesn't cost a thing.

foggy dark scene that looks like it could be from a vampire movie
How an Immortal Vampire Would Budget for Netflix: What a $7 Subscription Can Teach You About Saving for a Looooong Retirement

Treating your money as if it needs to last forever is something that University endowments have been doing for a long time, and there's some useful lessons to learn from treating your own nest egg the same way (whether you're an immortal vampire or not) .

field with stark dividing line between half dirt and half healthy grass
If Big-Company Mergers Are Bad Investments, Could the Opposite be True of Spinoffs?

In a world of high-frequency trading, the methodical approach and glacial pace of spinoffs is a welcome option, and one that stands a good chance of giving the patient investor a strong edge.

close up photo of an antique cash register
3 Simple Shortcuts for Quick Financial Calculations

How to quickly calculate growth rates, convert hourly wages to a salary (and vice-versa) and estimate the monthly mortgage payments based on a home's price

dude sitting on top of a mountain overlooking a valley, looks like someone who probably does some freelancing
Consulting or Freelancing? Consider a Solo 401k

The Solo 401K is a little-known but ideal choice for many freelancers and consultants, especially couples who both occasionally moonlight.

diver grabbing a lifeline under water
How To Pad Your Checking Account to Build An Emergency Lifeline

You will sleep better having a $1,000 cushion in your checking account, and it's a powerful way to build some savings momentum while putting yourself on 2.5X firmer footing than almost half of Americans.

photo of lovebirds on a branch snuggling
How to Handle Joint Accounts and Bills with your Spouse or Partner

Money is one of the most important topics to tackle when beginning a long-term relationship, so I'm sharing the system my wife and I worked out for managing our accounts (after some trial and error -- sorry honey!), and it's held up well now for almost 15 years.

small seedling growing out of the ground
3 Ways to Start Investing Like a Millionaire using $1,000 or Less in 2017

Access for amateur investors to alternative investments has exploded in recent years, riding the wave of fintech and several key regulatory changes.