Investment Philosophy

4 Ways to Try Crowdfunded Impact Investing for as Little as $100

Crowdfunded impact investing has opened up a range of new choices for everyday investors to fund specific social and environmental outcomes

Bitcoin and Ether as Alternative Investments

It's a bit like the Wild West right now in the world of cryptocurrencies, but is there also a case to make for them as alternative investments?

Know Your Alternative Investing Style: Are you a Zebra or a Lion?

Are you out for blood when investing? Or just steady income? It all comes down to what's right given the combination of your circumstances and psychology.

A Look Inside My Crowdfunding Portfolio

A list of all of my online crowdfunding and alternative investments, across more than a dozen different platforms (spanning Real Estate, P2P loans, Angel/Venture, litigation finance and more).

How Crowdfunded Investing Helps Democratize Capitalism

Crowdfunded investing offers the influence once reserved for the wealthy, helping pick which companies get funding to launch products or grow their business.

Are You Investing to Win or Investing to Not Lose?

The word “diversification” comes up a lot around crowdfunding and alternative investments, but there are important differences in what it can (and can’t) do to your risk and reward potential, depending on the type of investments you’re making.

Seeking Optionality: Lowering Risk While Benefiting from Uncertainty

Most of us have heard of "stock options", but it turns out that formal, structured options (especially those that involve pre-determined amounts of money and signed contracts) are the exception, rather than the rule. We don't usually label it as optionality, but it abounds all around us -- and much of the time it doesn't cost a thing.