Real Estate

2017 Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Crowdfunding for Non-Accredited Investors

Non-accredited investors have more options than ever before to participate in real estate, a category of investments that is actually larger than the entire stock market

Having Someone Else Pay Your Mortgage Might Not Be the Deal It Sounds Like

It's invoked regularly and enthusiastically as evidence of the superiority of real estate investing, but that leverage may not be worth as much as you think

A Q&A With Holdfolio CEO Jacob Blackett

On Holdfolio's novel approach to offering fractional debt and equity investments in portfolios of single-family homes to accredited and non-accredited investors alike

Why You Should Care About Real Estate as an Investor (Even If You Don’t Care About Real Estate Investing)

Residential real estate is bigger than the stock market, and bigger than GDP. Even if you aren't a real estate investor, it's a part of our economy you can't afford to ignore

EquityMultiple CEO Charles Clinton on the Evolution of Online Real Estate Investing and the Critical Role of Investor Education

A chat with EquityMultiple CEO Charles Clinton, with his perspective on real estate, crowdfunding in general, and the “stress-test” component of their due diligence process.

AlphaFlow CEO Ray Sturm on Real Estate Crowdfunding and the Importance of the Individual Investor

AlphaFlow CEO Ray Sturm on his journey through the crowdfunding ecosystem and the future of equity and real estate crowdfunding.

Baby Steps: Getting Started with Crowdfunded Real Estate

You can read and research all you want, but there’s no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and actually doing the thing you’re trying to learn about. And early on during that process, I know there’s a very good chance I’ll make a mistake, so the focus is on maximizing the amount I can learn while minimizing the downside even if I screw up. In this post I’ll talk through three of my early investments, and talk through what I’ve learned from each as I’ve ramped up my knowledge, my comfort level, and the amounts invested.

3 Ways to Start Investing Like a Millionaire using $1,000 or Less in 2017

Access for amateur investors to alternative investments has exploded in recent years, riding the wave of fintech and several key regulatory changes.