Fig is an investment crowdfunding platform offering an interesting revenue-share model to fund video-game development. Most investment offerings are open only to accredited investors, though there are (confusingly) often a range of “rewards” commitment options that do not include any equity component.

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  • Investment Types: Royalty Revenue
  • Security Types: Equity
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  • Open to all investors
  • Company Description: A publisher where you can get a share of revenue from game sales – we bring together developers and communities from all over the world to publish great games.
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Types of investments Fig offers

Investors are pledging funds to support the development of specific video games. However, investors do not receive any interest in the game itself (or the entity that creates it), and are technically investing in Fig itself.

What do you get when investing with Fig?

Fig has a novel security model, that is a bit more complex than some others in the investment crowdfunding ecosystem. From the Fig FAQ:

Fig Game Shares pay dividends based on the sales receipts from the particular associated game, when the game is developed and released. Fig receives a revenue share of the game’s sales receipts, usually based on gross receipts net of platform and store fees, through a license agreement with the developer. Those receipts are then apportioned between Fig and the investors in the associated Fig Game Shares, based on the proportion that the investment proceeds represents to the development amount paid to the developer. Please refer to the offering circular relating to the specific series of Fig Game Shares that interests you for the details of how dividends for those Fig Game Shares will be calculated.