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Introducing our Crowdfunding Investor Links & Resources Page

photo of woman using computer to illustrate post about new investor crowdfunding links page. Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Investment crowdfunding is an exciting ecosystem to begin exploring, but it can also be frankly a bit disorienting and confusing to a newcomer. (Spoiler alert: at the intersection of the worlds of finance, business, technology, and the law, you find a lot of inscrutable acronyms and confusing terminology.)

And while we’re hard at work trying to help you decode the alphabet soup of crowdfunding regulations, navigate the complex web of intrastate exemptions, and provide a glossary of common investment crowdfunding terms and concepts, we know that with so much diversity among people’s investment goals and backgrounds, there’s much, much more to learn out there than any one site could ever provide.

So to help you find additional resources to round out your own journey toward becoming a more confident and informed crowdfunding investor,  we’ve put together a searchable, sortable directory of links to resources we’ve found useful and think you might too

screenshot of page of crowdfunding investor links and resources

Many of them — like FINRA’s broker check — are ones we use every day to learn more about investment platforms and the people behind them, but sites like that often just aren’t on the radar of casual investors.

And although there are a few general personal finance posts over on our blog, the focus of this site is on investment crowdfunding and online alternative investments. But there’s some outstanding bloggers and sites out there with oodles of practical advice on personal finance, general investing, and the principles of achieving financial security and independence.

We’ve also included links to some investment tools and other products, including some of the ones that power this site. (Some use affiliate links, but we’ve only included those on products that we actually use ourselves.)

Click here for the complete list, and please let us know if there’s any we should add!

Have a question about crowdfunded investing? Want to learn more but aren’t sure where to start? You can explore more than 100 crowdfunding investment platforms in our database and learn more about the nuts and bolts of crowdfunding and alternative investing on our blog. And before investing, we strongly recommend getting a clear picture of your overall finances using a tool like Personal Capital. It's free, it's what we use to track our own finances, and when you sign up using that link you'll be helping to support YieldTalk.

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