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Razitall Overview

Razitall is an SEC-registered Title III funding portal, offering investments under Reg CF, also known as Regulation Crowdfunding. They have only facilitated one offering as of this writing. Reg CF investments are open to all investors, including non-accredited investors, and typically feature very low minimum investments.

Razitall is a relatively new Title III Funding Portal, with just one offering available as of this writing. They've adopted an interesting terminology for the Reg CF process, labeling investments as "bids". Notably they also indicate offering "pre-sale" products, which are not securities or Reg CF investments, but are simply product pre-orders. Another distinguishing feature is that Razitall displays current "bidders" profiles for each investment (investors have the option to keep their identity private).

What do you get when investing with Razitall?

The website could be clearer about the security type and details, but according to their SEC filings, the single offering is for an issuance of Common Stock, however the offering also indicates investors are entitled to a 10% distribution of income (as a pro-rata share of the 10% ownership interest being offered).

Regulatory framework and due diligence expectations

Razitall is an SEC registered Title III Funding Portal, which means they are subject to a range of rules and obligations around investor education and due diligence. All companies offering investments on Honeycomb will have been a minimum of background checks of key officers and owners. Prospective investors also have access to online forums to talk with other investors, and an online channel for asking questions of the company raising funds (and viewing answers of prior questions from others).

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