Commercial Real Estate

ArborCrowd Review

Primarily multi-family commercial real estate equity investments with 2-5 year hold times

EquityRoots Review

Long-term equity and debt investments in hotels

RealtyeVest Review

Debt, equity, and hybrid investments in residential and commercial real estate, primarily affordable housing and assisted living.

Hotel Innvestor Review

Niche Reg D platform offering debt and equity investments in hotels Review

Broker-dealer with diverse selection of startups and real estate, some open to non-accredited investors


Real estate and other alternative asset investments


Commercial real estate loans

1031 Crowdfunding

Online marketplace for 1031 exchanges

iintoo Review

Broad mix of real estate investment opportunities with relatively short hold times (18-36 months)

Wealth Migrate

Commercial real estate in the US, UK, and Australia

Acquire Real Estate Review

Boston-based commercial real estate funding platform

Rich Uncles Review

Direct-to-consumer REITs with monthly payments. Limited geographic availability.

DiversyFund Review

Residential and commercial real estate projects in Souther California

Small Change Review

Real Estate investments focused on urban, walkable transit-oriented projects

MinnowCFunding Review

LA-based Real Estate Title III Funding Portal


Debt and equity investments in residential and commercial real estate