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How to Visit an Art Gallery for Beginners 

If wanting to learn how to navigate an art gallery for the first time, read on below with some helpful tips on where to start.

What Are the Causes of Inflation?

The two main causes of inflation are demand-pull and cost-push. Causes of inflation include higher production costs or a surge in demand.

First National Realty Partners
1031 Exchanges & Their Interactions with LLCs

This investor's guide by FNRP outlines & explains how 1031 exchanges work for LLCs & their members.

First National Realty Partners
1031 Exchange Updates & Tax Reform Under Biden

FNRP outlines current updates & changes to 1031 exchanges particularly under the Biden administration.

First National Realty Partners
1031 Exchanges with Multiple Property Owners

This guide by FNRP outlines whether investors can perform a 1031 exchange on properties with multiple owners.

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Risk Premium in Commercial Real Estate Definition

This guide by FNRP defines risk premiums in commercial real estate, how they are used, & how to calculate them.

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Gross Rental Income Definition: An Investor's Guide

FNRP explains gross rental income, how to calculate it, & how it's used when drafting commercial lease agreements.

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What Is Real Estate Cash Flow: An Investor's Guide

In this guide, FNRP explores the concept of cash flow in real estate & its importance for real estate investors.

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Residual Value Definition in Real Estate Investments

This investor's guide by FNRP defines residual value for real estate assets & the importance of understanding it.

How Has Contemporary Art Changed the Art Market? - Masterworks

Why does Contemporary Art have such an outsized impact on the art market and how will it affect its future? Read on to learn more.

Hawkish vs Dovish: Differences in Monetary Policy

Hawkish vs Dovish refers to the Fed's policies. Hawkish policies prioritize stabilizing prices while dovish policies prioritize employment.

SMBX Celebrates Black Business Month

Black Business Month is a time to celebrate, visit, and invest in Black-owned small businesses.

Investments to Help Beat Inflation

Investing is vital to beat inflation. Investments that help beat inflation include stocks, fine art, real estate, and commodities.

How To Try To Become a Millionaire

To become a millionaire: start saving early, avoid debt, diversify your investments and income, and avoid lifestyle inflation.

NY Museums Now Required To Indicate If Any Works on View Were Stolen by Nazis

A new law passed in NY requiring museums to note which artworks were stolen by Nazis. To learn more about the bill read on.

How to sell your rental property in Detroit for top dollar

With low inventory and high demand, this might just be the perfect time to sell your Detroit rental investment property in Detroit, Michigan.

How to successfully sell your rental property in Columbia, SC

With high demand and low inventory, it might just be time to consider a profitable sale of your rental property in Columbia, South Carolina.

How to successfully sell your rental property in Houston

If you're considering selling your Houston, Texas rental investment property, current demand and the low inventory market may offer an ideal opportunity.

1031 Crowdfunding
Defer Capital Gains Tax With a 1031 Exchange

Completing a 1031 exchange with real property allows you to defer capital gains tax. Learn how to handle this process from 1031 Crowdfunding today.

EquityMultiple Growth Update - Q3, '22

EquityMultiple is excited to approach Q3 2022 on solid footing after achieving several company growth milestones.

Who Benefits From Inflation?

Many consumers and borrowers will not benefit from inflation but there are many industries and investors that do benefit from inflation.

The Masterworks' Basquiat Buying Guide

If wanting to purchase a work from Basquiat, but not Sure where to begin? Red this guide to begin you Basquiat collection today.

Tenant screening…check!

Roofstock acquires RentPrep to accelerate the plan to provide robust landlord services.

What Is The Armory Show? 

For the past 27 years The Armory Show has been proving New York with a fresh taste of new artwork. Read on to learn more

David Zwirner: Gallery Overview

David Zwirner is noted for its challenging and forward-thinking exhibitions, showcasing artworks across a variety of media and genres.

Investing During a Recession

Investing during a recession should be strategic and maintain the investor's original goals and risk tolerance.

First National Realty Partners
Can a Partnership Do a 1031 Exchange?

FNRP outlines whether a partnership can perform a 1031 exchange & alternatives for commercial real estate investors.

First National Realty Partners
1031 Exchange vs 1033 Exchange: An Investor's Guide

This commercial real estate investor's guide by FNRP outlines the differences between a 1031 & 1033 exchange.

First National Realty Partners
1031 Exchanges & Opportunity Zones for Investors

FNRP explains the relationship between 1031 exchanges & opportunity zones for commercial real estate investors.

First National Realty Partners
1031 Exchange into Different States: An Investor's Guide

This guide by FNRP outlines if & how an investor may perform a 1031 exchange from 1 state into another.

How to Optimize Your Portfolio for Cash Flow With Income Investing

FranShares makes it easy for anyone to invest in franchises and generate passive income while diversifying their portfolio.

What Is IRR? - Masterworks

The internal rate of return (IRR) is a metric that allows institutions to compare investments. Learn how IRR is calculated and more.

New York Art Museum Guide

Celebrate some of the finest art and culture in the world, and make a trip to one of New York City’s many art museums.

Why is owning an apartment building a great idea?

Purchasing an apartment complex can be a solid real estate investment. Here's a complete guide to take with you on your way to owning an apartment building.

The Best Real Estate Strategies Every Investor Should Know.

Real estate investment strategies come in a variety of packages. Here are a few things within the real estate investment field that will make money in any market.

More Investors…Fewer Problems? - StartEngine

Why having more of the right investors on your cap table can be a good thing.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: The Largest Art Heist in History

Known as the most significant art theft in history, the 1990 art heist of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum still haunts historians. Read on

Litigation Finance Industry Outlook: Q2 2022

Two bright spots for liquidity in the litigation finance industry took place this quarter, including a new secondary investment fund.

The 8 Most Interesting DAOs of 2022 - Masterworks

DAOs, aka "Decentralized Autonomous Organizations," are shaping the future of Web3. Learn about the most innovative DAOs and how they work.

Meet The Team: Masha Golovina

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Masha Golovina about her life along with her role at Masterworks. 

Watch: Percent Quarterly Investor Webinar — August 2022

Watch the recap of the third Percent Webinar of 2022, hosted by CEO and Founder Nelson Chu and President Prath Reddy, CFA.

This Moment for Investors: How EquityMultiple is Responding

EquityMultiple CEO Charles Clinton addresses the state of the market and why now is a critical time to add alternative assets to a traditional portfolio.

First National Realty Partners
Cash Out Refinance After 1031 Exchanges Explained

This real estate investor's guide by FNRP explains how cash out refinancing works after a 1031 exchange.

First National Realty Partners
Use Variance Definition for Commercial Real Estate Investors

This investor's guide by FNRP defines & explains what use variance means in commercial real estate properties.

First National Realty Partners
1031 Exchange Identification Rules for Investors

This guide by FNRP outlines the property identification rules investors need to follow to perform 1031 exchanges.

What Are Appreciating Assets? - Masterworks

Appreciating assets increase in value as you own them. Discover the different kinds of appreciating assets you can own.

What Is Provenance & Why Is It Important?

How does Provenance play an important role in the valuation and sale of artwork? efwwRead on to learn more.

New on Republic: Investing in fine art

How do Rising Interest Rates Affect Venture Capital?

Rising interest rates affect the stock market and the bond market, but how do rising interest rates affect venture capital investment?