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Our goal is to help our audience become more informed, confident investors in the investment crowdfunding & online alternative investment ecosystem. All of our content is aligned with that goal, including our marketing and advertising.

We work to reach people who have already tackled the personal finance basics – they’ve paid off their cars and credit cards; they have emergency savings accounts; and they’re growing healthy retirement portfolios. Now they’re ready to diversify into alternative investments and take advantage of new opportunities made possible by the 2012 JOBS Act. They are intelligent, curious – adventurous even – and they are eager to explore real estate, startups, P2P debt financing, and more.

While many of our readers are accredited investors, we also reach those earlier in their investing journey who have become accustomed to online and on-demand access to a wide range of products and services, and expect the same from their investment choices.

We currently offer several opportunities to reach the growing YieldTalk community:

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