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TemperPack raises $31m to meet surge in demand for food e-commerce

TemperPack is ramping up production to meet the surge in demand for meal kits and other food e-commerce offerings in response to Covid-19.

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Guest Post: Holding Real Estate Property in IRA

A growing number of investors within our network are considering investing in real estate via a self-directed IRA (SDIRA). For some added info on how to set up an IRA and best practices for real estate investing through a SDIRA, we sought the perspective of Rick Pendykoski, the owner of Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC, […]

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Root AI raises $7.2m to deploy its 'cross-crop robot' workforce

The pandemic has created a perfect oppotunity for ag robotics startups to flex their muscle, founder and CEO John Lessing tells AFN.

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Pivot East by GROW & Farm491 to take UK, EU agrifood startups to Asia

Pivot East, launched by AgFunder's GROW and Farm491, will help UK and EU agrifoodtech startups test-run their entry into Asian markets via Singapore.

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Crowdfunding pros and cons: which avenue is best?

Know your options so that you can stand out, execute and ensure your best chance at crowdfunding success. Here’s a really simple guide.

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Mythic Messenger #10 - Star Trek: Lower Decks, esports streaming, Mulan, and Marvel villains — Mythic Markets: Fractional Investing in Fandom Collectibles

Get your geek on with Star Trek: Lower Decks, live streaming goliaths, Mulan, and Marvel's new supervillain.

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How do you turn collectibles into securities? Legal and regulatory processes — Mythic Markets: Fractional Investing in Fandom Collectibles

Using a Series LLC to raise capital for smaller assets In this livestream recording , Jillian Sidoti of Crowdfunding Lawyers (our company’s securities counsel) and Joe discuss the legal structure and regulatory processes behind the fractional investment opportunities on Mythic Markets . How

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Albertsons is adding greens from indoor farming startup Plenty to its aisles

Albertsons reached out to the San Francisco indoor farming firm amid the Covid-19 pandemic to find a new source of fresh produce as consumer demand boomed.

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BREAKING: Bayer & Temasek launch Unfold, a seeds biz for vertical farms

Unfold has received $30 million in funding from the two companies, along with rights to germplasm from Bayer's vegetable portfolio.

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MagGrow's magnetic spray tech attracts $7.1m Series A

Impact investor Astanor Ventures led the round, joined by similarly impact-minded WakeUp Capital

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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: India's BigHaat scores $2m pre-seed funding

BigHaat provides a marketplace for smallholders to purchase inputs, secure credit, and engage data-led advisory services.

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Meet the Innovators: TerraCycle

Mr. Wonderful sits down with TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky to discuss how the company profitably recycles waste materials that no other company recycles.

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