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Multiple Perspectives Podcast | Tara Fung, CRO of Alto IRA

Alternative assets have become increasingly accessible to retail investors since the passage of The JOBS Act in 2012. Adding to that accessibility is the option for investors to use retirement savings, in the form of a self-directed IRA, to diversify their investment portfolio. In this episode, host David Lofgren sits down with Tara Fung, CRO […]

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The South American opportunity for US agtech entrepreneurs

An agriculture tech consultant shares his insights on how to make the most of the burgeoning market for agtech solutions in South America.

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My Financial Journey: Drew Appelbaum

Everyone has their own financial journey in life, and that includes the HappyNest team too. Learn all about how our friend Drew got from point A to point B.

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Turkish delight as Tarfin raises $5m Series A for its smallholder lending app

Tarfin offers access to extended payments for smallholder farmers, and creates pools of receivables for institutional investors as asset-backed securities.

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Darren Sardoff, Snailz

What’s the inspiration behind Snailz? How did you get started?  My wife's frustrations booking nail salon appointments!  She's very busy and her schedule often changes, so squeezing in the salon was very difficult. Especially if appointment times needed t...

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How robotics startup Vinergy is making grape harvest more efficient

California's Vinergy aims to improve the most time-consuming, labor-intensive, and riskiest part of the grape harvest: moving fruit to the end of the rows.

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Supply chain digitizer Silo raises $9m Series A from a16z

Silo is aiming to create a digital link between retailers, wholesalers, distributors, food service companies, packers, processors, and freight providers.

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On The Ground With GROUNDFLOOR's Rich Pulido

Get to know the people behind the platform! Meet Rich Pulido, Senior Vice President and member of GROUNDFLOOR's executive committee.

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Aquatic biopesticide startup Sundew nets $1.7m from Novo Nordisk, others

Sundew thinks that toxicity and growing pathogen resistance to chemical aqua-pesticides means that now's the time to shine for biological alternatives.

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Will DeFi realize a more open financial system?

DeFi has taken the crypto world by storm. In this article, Republic provides an overview of the DeFi ecosystem and its potential to create a more open financial system.

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Cutting down food loss and food waste: 3 retail stories

Find out how three of the world's biggest retailers – Carrefour, Ikea, and Tesco – are tackling food waste within their own operations and supply chains.

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Phytolon ferments its way toward a technicolor of food with $4.1m funding

Israel's Phytolon has been working on a proprietary, fermentation-based technology to produce its own spectra of plant-based food colorants.

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