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Triple-Net Leases: What the Three "N"s Mean to Investors 

A triple-net lease (or NNN lease) refers to a lease whereby the tenant is responsible for all of the property’s major operating expenses.

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How to Sell Your Rental Property in Pittsburgh

Find out why it may be the perfect time to sell your Pittsburgh rental property and take advantage of this hot seller's market.

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How to Sell Your Rental Property in Milwaukee

If you're thinking of taking advantage of today's low inventory environment to sell your Milwaukee rental property, you'll love its hot real estate market.

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How to Sell Your Rental Property in Dallas

Check out this guide to help you analyze the Dallas real estate market and find out how to monetize your property holdings there.

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How to Sell Your Rental Property in Charlotte

Find out why now may be a great time to sell your rental property in Charlotte's current low-inventory real estate market.

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Meet the Innovators: LiquidPiston

Mr. Wonderful sat down with the CEO of LiquidPiston to talk about how they’re using StartEngine to help develop their advanced rotary engines.

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How to Sell Your Rental Property in San Antonio

There has perhaps never been a better time than now to sell your rental property and the San Antonio market is particularly hot.

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On The Ground With GROUNDFLOOR's Chris Schmitt

Meet Chris Schmitt, GROUNDFLOOR's Chief Technology Officer.

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The Follow Button: More of What You Want. Less of What You Don’t.

The follow button lets you ‘follow’ companies currently raising on SeedInvest to hear more from those that interest you (and less from those that don't).

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Alibaba pays $3.6bn to acquire Sun Art hypermarket chain in tech push

Sun Art operates close to 500 stores across China which have been integrated with Alibaba's food e-commerce platforms Taoxianda and Tmall Supermarket.

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Cox leads BrightFarms $100m Series E to expand throughout the US

BrightFarms will double its production from 15 to 30 acres after the construction of new facilities in North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Texas.

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US grain monitoring startup TeleSense raises $10.2m Series B

TeleSense uses remote sensing to monitor temperature and humidity in grain storage bins, helping to prevent disease and spoilage.

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