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Alibaba tie-up brings Beyond Meat to Chinese shoppers

Beyond Meat plant-based products will soon be available to home cooks, who'll be able to buy them from Freshippo's tech-driven supermarkets.

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The Republic Note is a Profit-Sharing Token. What Does That Mean?

The Republic Note is a first of its kind profit-sharing token that allows holders to share in Republic Core’s profits when startups and private equities in our ecosystem succeed. It will be available to purchase starting July 16, and will be made widely av...

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Opinion: Where the World Resources Institute got it wrong about regenerative agriculture

World Resources Institute criticism of regenerative agriculture is a foolish exercise in throwing the bovine out with the bathwater.

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Proximity to customers, funders, ag leaders make Iowa a perfect home, say 3 agtech startup founders

“If you build it; the funding will come.” It might not be the exact quote that drove Kevin Costner to build a baseball diamond in an Iowa cornfield in Field of Dreams, but it is the advice that many founders and entrepreneurs are following as they look for locations for their agtech startup businesses.

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Shiok Meats gets $3m for cultured seafood as ASEAN foodtech blossoms

Innovative Food startups including Shiok Meats raised just $9.5 million in ASEAN last year. But it was the third most active category by number of deals.

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Farmer survey encourages Syngenta to commit $2bn to sustainable ag by 2025 & two tech breakthroughs each year

The Good Growth Plan is a response to a recent survey showing that 72% of farmers have concerns about the impact of climate change.

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Dumpling raises $6.5m Series A for personalized eGrocery to give comfort to gig workers, wary online shoppers

Dumpling turns the traditional gig economy on its head by putting personal shoppers at the center of the platform and incentivizing good customer service.

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Tyla-Simone Crayton, Sienna Sauce

What was your inspiration behind Sienna Sauce? My favorite wing place closed and I tried to recreate their sauce, but ended up coming up with something so much better. My inspiration behind Sienna Sauce is that I wanted to share something that I made and ...

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AgFunder releases ASEAN Agrifoodtech Investment Report 2020

Southeast Asian agrifood startups raised $423m across a hundred deals last year, according to the inaugural ASEAN Agrifoodtech Investment Report 2020.

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Should regenerative agriculture embrace gene editing? This startup says it must

Incorporating CRISPR and other biotech tools in the still-forming regenerative ag movement will undoubtedly cause some controversy.

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Distressed Assets — What, Why, and When

Distressed assets refer to properties that are priced below market value, allowing investors to realize gains through keen identification and management.

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AMA: Greg Bennett — From consultant to investor of global solutions

Howdy Y'all - I'm Greg Bennett, an early stage investor at Kapor Capital in Oakland, CA.   I joined Kapor Capital in 2019 and focus on Agtech, Energy, and Infrastructure investments. Prior to joining Kapor Capital, I was a consultant for several funds, fo...

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