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The History of Comics Grading — Mythic Markets Blog: Investing in Pop Culture & Alternative Assets

As a medium, comic books have had an eventful history. Over the last hundred years or so their public perception has gone from discount entertainment for children, to a niche artform built on long-form storytelling, to now being part of America’s cultural foundation - and a valuable part at that. Ma

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American Farmland Trust launches Farmer Relief Fund to fuel local food systems - AgFunderNews

Small farmers reliant on restaurant and direct-to-consumer sales are feeling the financial impact of Covid-19 with little end in sight.

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Invest in Startups | Equity Crowdfunding | MicroVentures

MicroVentures is an investment platform that combines Venture Capital and Equity crowdfunding — allowing you invest in early and late stage investment opportunities.

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EXCLUSIVE: Calculating soil moisture from space earns VanderSat fresh funding from impact investor

Dutch company VanderSat's technology is kind of out of this world; measuring and mapping the soil's moisture from a constellation of satellites in space using "passive microwave" technology, accompanied by a lot of complex mathematics to make sense of the data.

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Agri-foodtech VCs assess Covid-19's impact on the sector and portfolios

As global venture capital is poised for a downturn, agri-foodtech VCs observe the sector's resilience and creativity amid near-term uncertainty.

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CARES Act Gives Real Estate a Booster Shot

The constraints on real estate development are related to labor, equipment, and regulation. The current crisis won’t be a big help with any of these, but it also isn’t much of a hindrance. It’s unclear how tax benefits will spur more or faster development, but the money is on the table, so why not pick it up.

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Virtual Offers

Virtual Offers submitted through Roofstock's Online Marketplace

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Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours and Due Diligence through Roofstock's Online Toolkit

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Success during Covid-19: Plant-based investor Kale United raises €350k in one day from 125 investors - AgFunderNews

With nearly €600k in cash, the investment group plans to make 10 investments before raising $2m-$4m in Q4. It's also looking for acquisitions of brands that might struggle during the crisis.

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Darren Grenia, Julian Mohamed & Roxane Mollicchi, Wandering Barman

How did you meet? Darren: Julian and I owned a restaurant a few years back. We hired Roxane to work for us and quickly knew she was the boss. She was managing the place in no time. What were you looking for in your co-founder(s)? Darren: I believe it’s ...

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Justin Potts, Avenify

What did you do before Avenify? I actually worked at Republic—I started in September 2018 and left in late January 2019. I came from Product Hunt, where I was managing their social media accounts and various marketing experiments. Before that, I was co-fo...

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Luckin Coffee, MissFresh among China's biggest agrifood deals of 2019

Luckin Coffee scored one of China's top agrifoodtech startup fundings just before its May IPO, while e-grocer MissFresh landed the country's biggest deal.

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