Healthfundr is a Reg D crowdfunding investment platform focusing on startups in Health Tech and Services. Healthfundr invests in each offering through their own fund (which investors may participate in), and fund investors are then given a chance to also do a direct investment (after which platform members that haven’t invested in the fund are also able to directly invest).

A differentiator for Healthfundr is their “expert network”, which they describe as “thousands of potential customers, acquirers, employees, and experts to help portfolio companies grow”.

  • Website:
  • Investment Types: Startups/Business Financing
  • Security Types: Equity
  • Sectors: Healthcare
  • Minimum Investment:
  • Must be accredited

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Healthfundr connects health startups with accredited investors to drive funding and attention to this challenging sector.

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Alternative financing platforms could help independent entrepreneurs in medicine access capital.

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