Interview with Matt Rodak, Fund That Flip founder and CEO

Wide ranging interview with the founder and CEO of Fund That Flip, a real estate investment crowdfunding platform focused on residential rehab projects

Andrew Savikas photo Published 03 February 2021 by Andrew Savikas
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Photo of single family home under renovation

I recently sat down (virtually) with Matt Rodak, the founder and CEO at the alternative investment platform Fund That Flip.

Fund That Flip is a venture-backed real estate investment marketplace specializing in short-term loans for residential real estate rehabbers. Prior to founding Fund That Flip, Matt led sales and marketing for a $950M commercial property risk management firm. Matt earned a finance degree from John Carroll University and is a Chartered Property Underwriter.

We covered a lot of ground during the discussion, including:

  • What inspired Matt to start FundThatFlip
  • What investments in FundThatFlip look like, including what kind of securities investors actually get when they invest
  • What investors new to real estate should know before making their first investment
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the residential fix-and-flip business
  • How to manage risk in real estate investments

It was a great conversation, and I especially appreciated that Matt took time to chat very soon after a recent move.

If you want to learn more about Fund That Flip, you can check out our review or by visiting

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