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Acquire Real Estate Review

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Acquire Real Estate logo
Acquire Real Estate logo

Acquire Real Estate Overview

Acquire Real Estate is a Reg D Commercial Real Estate crowdfunding platform. Operating under Rule 506(c), they are permitted to advertise their offerings (general solicitation), so you can view current and past offerings without needing to create an account or certify as an accredited investor. Recently Acquire Real Estate announced it was being acquired by RealtyShares, and no longer appears to have any active investments available.

Acquire Real Estate recently announced it is being acquired by competing real estate investment crowdfunding platform RealtyShares.

One possible rationale for the acquisition is a notable feature from Acquire Real Estate, their "Investor Exchange" which is a free auction marketplace for buying and selling interests in their offerings.

Acquire Real Estate fee structure

Fees vary with each offering, and include administrative and legal expenses, as well as reporting and communications, but in general appear to be on the high side relative to other platforms.

Breadth of offerings on Acquire Real Estate

Acquire Real Estate does not list any active investments.

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