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StartEngine is one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms, using Reg CF and Reg A+ (as well as Reg D) for certain side-by-side offerings) to offer investments in startups to anyone, in some cases for as little as $100. The selection is broad, and spans a wide range of industries from fashion to health care to electric vehicles, but investors should know curation is very limited, so investment quality can vary widely among available offerings.


  • Investment Types: Venture
  • Sectors: Cleantech, Food/Beverage, Robotics, Sports, and Transportation
  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Open to all investors
  • One of the largest Reg CF investment platforms, with very wide selection of available investments (60+ as of this writing)
  • Low investment minimums
  • Very detailed investor presentations, with easy to find Q&A history
  • Many investments also offer perks at various investment levels
  • Open to all investors
  • No curation or due diligence of offerings (beyond minimum background checks and anti-fraud checks)
  • Valuations set entirely by company raising money
  • Confusing network of related entities
  • Accepts investments via credit card, which seems irresponsible
  • Startup investments are already inherently risky and illiquid, and additional uncertainty around cannabis industry adds to that risk


This StartEngine Review will help you learn more about StartEngine's investment offerings, including how the alternative investments on StartEngine are structured, and what your potential returns might be. You can read more about the criteria we use to review investment platforms here.

StartEngine is a Title III Funding Portal (aka Reg CF) registered with the SEC and governed by FINRA, and they also operate an entity for raising money via Title IV (Reg A+). While some investment crowdfunding sites take a highly curatorial approach to selecting companies, StartEngine is among the platforms with more of an open marketplace philosophy, with offering companies subjected only to minimal due diligence to screen out “bad actors” and ensure baseline compliance with SEC rules.

Is StartEngine Legit?

Yes, StartEngine is “legit” in the sense that it is a legitimate, regulated business and is a legit investment option open to anyone over the age of 18.

StartEngine is among a growing crop of crowdfunding and online alternative investment platforms, most of which have launched in the wake of the 2012 JOBS Act.

In the second half of 2017, StartEngine began rapidly accelerating their number of new offerings, and in early 2018 overtook Wefunder for total new Reg CF offerings. The company reported generating more than $4.9 million in revenue in 2018, with more than $80 million invested on the platform from 180,000 registered users.

Types of investments StartEngine offers

StartEngine offers investments in startups and growth-stage companies. Earlier-stage startups are generally riskier, though may offer the potential for a greater return in the long run (that is, if they return anything at all). StartEngine’s investment span a wide range of industries and verticals, from apparel to mobile apps, to solar, to electric vehicles, and much more.

Recently StartEngine also began offering “Initial Coin Offerings”, known as ICOs, which leverage the emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem. Cryptocurrencies and ICOs are very new, and investors should exercise extra caution while exploring them as investments. Notably in addition to startups and ICOs, StartEngine currently offers investors the opportunity to invest in StartEngine itself using a Reg A+ offering. These ICOs come in the form of Security Token Offering (STO), or cryptocurrencies representing equity in a company. Tokens and cryptocurrencies are still very new additions to the investment landscape, and investors should exercise caution and be sure to fully understand what they’re investing in.

What do you get when investing with StartEngine?

The specific security types vary by investment, but usually investors receive common stock or a convertible note. All of the offerings on StartEngine appear to be direct investments, rather than through a special-purpose vehicle like an LLC. Investors in ICOs may receive “token” units denominated in a cryptocurrency.

How does StartEngine make money?

There are no fees to investors. StartEngine charges companies that raise money on their platform 6-8% of the amount raised. However, issuers can offset these costs by charging a processing fee of 2.5% to investors which is charged on top of the price of shares.

Potential returns and cashflow

Investments on StartEngine are high-risk investments in startups and growth companies. There are no interest or dividend payments, and except under very limited circumstances, the investment must be held for at least 12 months, with minimal expectation of any market after that period. Most startup investments lose some or all of their value.

Breadth of offerings on StartEngine

StartEngine has a wide selection of investments available (more than 60 as of mid 2019), but as covered below StartEngine does not curate their offerings at all. So while some other platforms (such as SeedInvest and Microventures) advertise that only a small percentage of companies applying ever make it in front of investors, StartEngine takes the opposite approach (similar to Wefunder). Offerings span a range of industries and types of companies, including some like sportswear, movies – and even a lice clinic – that rarely come to mind when thinking about “startups”, but may be able to rally enthusiastic customer bases to participate in their offerings.

Regulatory framework

While some other platforms emphasize their curatorial approach to reviewing companies looking to raise money (like SeedInvest, which advertises that fewer than 1% of companies that apply are approved for listing), StartEngine clearly takes a different approach, performing only the minimum due diligence required to screen out “bad actors” and ensure compliance with SEC filings.

That approach does mean there’s a lot of investment choices available on StartEngine, but it’s an important difference in approach that prospective investors should be aware of in considering investments and performing their own due diligence.

This review was first published on 25 March 2017, and last updated on 04 May 2019.

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Park Street Homes is a Houston-based home-building company that transforms spaces into stylish, affordable entry-level homes. The company generated almost $4 million in revenue in 2022.

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Lord von Designs aims to bring the globally recognized, high fashion and apparel design of Lord von Schmitt, known for colorful crochet designs, to a larger audience by manufacturing products in a sustainable and ethical way.

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Gravity Jack

You recount an impressive list of past projects with long established Fortune 500 firms. Do you have a portfolio of ongoing projects other than the game? It appears that all emphasis has pivoted to the game. I’m undoubtedly misreading your materials, but I’m not seeing any emphasis on ongoing projects with industry, cultivating new projects by marketing capabilities, providing proposals and ultimately crafting solutions in addition to producing the game. Will you continue an emphasis on the legacy business segment in addition to growing your gaming segment as you roll-out the game?

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Ghost Boards offers unique, customizable clear longboards. With a diverse business model encompassing online sales, wholesale, B2B, retail, & Amazon, the company has gained traction through influencer marketing & press features.

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At Coral Spirits & Company, we’re not just disrupting the premium beverage market – we’re reshaping it with an innovation that we believe sets us light-years ahead of the competition.

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"Oath Oats" by Oath, Inc.

Oath Oats is a food brand dedicated to one of nature’s most powerful ingredients, oats! For now we make overnight oats, granola and oat bars based on our founder, Feel Good Foodie’s online recipes. All of our products are gluten-free and contain 0g of refined sugar.

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We believe the WhiteFlag App is revolutionizing mental health support by providing a free, anonymous, peer-to-peer platform that connects users who struggle with similar mental health challenges. Founded by people in pain, for people in pain. The company has raised over $2.3 million from investors around the US. To date, the company is currently in the pre-revenue, in-market, growth stage.

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GC Plus

Hi. Definitely a valuable service. How is GC different from Angi.com? And, does the contractor uplift the cost of their service to cover the expected 25-50% commission GC expects to collect?

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Momento Labs

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Invest in expanding Votem’s FastPass Voting® whose core technology has been installed on over 30,000 ballot marking devices for Los Angeles County since 2020. Help us expand our innovative technology to the larger elections market ahead of the 2024 general election.

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Farm + Feed

1) What are your net margins?

2) In regard to retail, will you have to add a physical retail space to your location? Also, have you considered selling “everyday”/convenience items like phone chargers in addition to gaming-related products?

3) With respect to online retail, will you be selling digital games?

4) Do you intend to franchise this concept?

5) What’s the exit strategy?

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Soteria Battery Innovation Group

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Sauce Bae

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Robot Cache

We’re revolutionizing online PC game sales with a groundbreaking digital storefront. We enable gamers to buy and sell their PC games worldwide, making us a unique platform in the industry with gamers in over 160 countries.

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Gravity Power

I notice Gravity Power Inc was formed in July 2023; its predecessor company Gravity Power LLC, was formed in 2008 but has not have the complete capitalization required to commercializes the product. After 15 years when you believe the company can become profitable?

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BIB Technologies

BIB Technologies develops refrigerated mobile storefronts using our smart shelf technology powered by its own clean energy source.

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Artly uses cutting-edge AI technology to create authentic specialty coffee experiences with robot baristas. We’ve raised over $10M, have launched 9 locations in WA, OR, CA, and NY, served over 350,000 cups of coffee, and plans to expand through franchisees.

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Kineon is a biotech company that is dedicated to changing the way we approach chronic pain, through next-generation light therapy products.

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Sentinels is a premier esports organization building champion-caliber esports teams and a massive, enthusiastic fanbase. Since 2018, we have grown to become a dominant voice of esports across all social media platforms, with millions of total followers and counting.

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Physicians must empower themselves now in order to be free to ethically care for patients. HPEC provides a decentralized, physician controlled system that automates and streamlines the credentialing experience. By taking the bureaucracy out of credentialing, our platform creates workforce mobility, which in turn, gives you back the freedom to be the physician you’ve always wanted to be while creating greater access to care for your patients.

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MaxPro FitTech

I love using my MAXPRO! I use it everyday. I love the philosophy of the company. Customer service has always been great. I’m hoping that by buying into the company they can start to advertise more or branch out into MAXPRO gyms. I also hope there is a MAXPRO 2 or a “Professional Grade” MAXPRO for gyms. Keep up the great work!


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Why are you offering stocks at lower rate now compared to common stock offered in prior round ? Did this means that prior investors lost value on their investment ?

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Ecolution Power

Ecolution Power is a pre-revenue company with world-class partners, two American cities that have signed Letters of Intent, and five patents focused on recycling wasted kinetic energy from moving vehicles. The company is helping smart cities and the transportation industry achieve a net-zero carbon footprint. Ecolution Power has two engineering partners; Day & Zimmermann and KTM, both in Greenville, South Carolina. The engineers have completed the bench testing phase and have successfully completed a prototype trailer that is now on the road generating energy.

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Aries offering thumbnail image}}

Aries is the all-in-one, client-focused trading and investment platform, bringing the tools used by professional investors to ordinary retail clients, available in 130 countries.

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Ola Brew

Hawaiian Ola Brewing Corporation (dba “Ola Brew”) has a proven recipe for success in the beer industry, and now we are ready to take on distilled spirits. Our spirit, ‘Ōkolehao, competes with tequila/mezcal, join us in bringing Ola to your community and the world.

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ACME AtronOmatic offering thumbnail image}}
ACME AtronOmatic

MyRadar (an AI-focused software company) empowers 15M+ users with an app that anticipates weather and environmental threats. Our anticipated satellites can soon monitor Earth from orbit! These satellites are still in the prototype stage of development.

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Unreal Deli offering thumbnail image}}
Unreal Deli

Unreal Deli makes award-winning, premium plant-based deli meats as seen on Shark Tank and voted the #1 Plant-Based Meat by Thrillist. We are currently in thousands of locations with three amazing products and more in development, including the finest plant-based Bacon coming this summer!

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BabyQuip offering thumbnail image}}

BabyQuip is the leading international service delivering baby gear to traveling families in over 1,200 locations across the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, and more. BabyQuip saves the family vacation by renting clean, safe, and insured baby gear, including cribs, car seats, strollers, toys, and other essentials to family travel destinations, from vacation rentals to hotels to grandparent’s homes. BabyQuip also empowers Quality Providers, mostly moms, with the opportunity to build their own baby gear rental business through its managed marketplace.

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Michael Waltrip Brewing Company offering thumbnail image}}
Michael Waltrip Brewing Company

Two-time Daytona 500 champion Michael Waltrip has launched a down-to-earth lifestyle beer brand that celebrates a flavorful and fun approach to cars, music, family and friends. The Michael Waltrip Brewing line of easy-to-drink craft beers are a central element of the company that also includes music festivals, licensed products, and a franchise strategy with a goal of opening 100 Michael Waltrip Taproom branded sports themed restaurants across the country.

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Doroni Aerospace

We envision a future where commuting takes minutes, not hours. We aim to make that future a reality with the DORONI H1 - a personal, two-seat aircraft designed for everyday use and anytime access.

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Saleen offering thumbnail image}}

Saleen is a well-known company with a 40-year history in the automotive industry. The company started in competitive racing and quickly moved to manufacturing high-performance automobiles, including those under the Ford Motor Company umbrella. Saleen is continuing the Saleen Original Series, with the launch of the Saleen S1, a two-seater sports car entirely designed and developed by Saleen Automotive.

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Garra Fish Spas offering thumbnail image}}
Garra Fish Spas

Garra Spas delivers a fun, unique spa experience to everyday users with our custom-designed tanks where a special breed of Garra Rufa fish provide a special therapeutic experience to our customers’ feet. Available in corporate and franchise locations across six states since 2016.

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Smart Cups offering thumbnail image}}
Smart Cups

Smart Cups Technology is a patented delivery system platform that creates sustainable consumer packaged products by eliminating liquid through the use of novel microencapsulation printing. The company was granted a patent for its technology and previously raised $10 million.

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Tapville offering thumbnail image}}

Tapville is a hospitality franchisor that integrates self-pour tech to reduce costs and enhance the customer experience. With 22 locations open and 52 in development, we’re expanding nationwide. Named Entrepreneur’s Top New & Emerging Franchises for 2022 and 2023.

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Splash Wines offering thumbnail image}}
Splash Wines

1) How much of your cost of goods sold is money that was paid to JA Imports?

2) Per your Form C, JA Imports is the entity that is actually licensed to buy/warehouse wine and actually holds title to the inventory, while Splash essentially handles marketing and customer purchases. Bearing that in mind, can you talk about the contractual arrangement between JA and Splash? (I know it’s unlikely since JA is a related entity, but on paper it sounds like they can just cut you off at any time, so I was trying to get some comfort in that arena.)

3) Can you explain why the company loaned $50K to board members at extremely favorable terms (no interest and no maturity date) at a time when it had issued a $100K convertible note to board members with 12% interest? (This is not a criticism; I’m just tryng to understand the logic.)

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AVACEN Medical offering thumbnail image}}
AVACEN Medical

AVACEN (Advanced VAscular Circulation ENhancement) Medical provides FDA Cleared, noninvasive, drug-free over-the-counter pain relief and wellness devices, as well as diagnostics for cardiovascular disease and stress. The company has raised $4 million, sold over 9,000 devices, and has safely completed over 22 million treatments to date.

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Fisher Wallace Laboratories offering thumbnail image}}
Fisher Wallace Laboratories

Fisher Wallace Labs makes wearable brain stimulation technology that has been prescribed by over 14,000 providers to treat mental health conditions. The company is pursuing FDA approval and building a Version 2.0 device called OAK.

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 offering thumbnail image}}

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CancerVax offering thumbnail image}}

CancerVAX is a pre-clinical, pre-revenue biotech company developing a universal cancer vaccine that uses the body’s immune system to fight cancer.

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Moliving offering thumbnail image}}

Moliving offers a unique and scalable solution to landowners: from design to engineering, permitting, construction and operations, Moliving takes care of the entire hotel process for its landowner-partners to open a hotel in a fraction of the time and cost. As a part of the solution, Moliving created the first luxury mobile suites, allowing each property to operate at peak efficiency and profitability. Moliving’s first hotel is set to open Winter 2023 – Moliving is currently pre revenue – but has multiple hotels in the pipeline since launching in 2021, Moliving is gearing up for rapid expansion.

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AP Royal Oak Offshore offering thumbnail image}}
AP Royal Oak Offshore

StartEngine Collectibles brings you an opportunity to diversify your portfolio with Audemars Piguet, Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph “Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Series Watch #SCHWARZENEGGER, circa 2004. Please note Owner’s Bonus members have priority for this investment for the first 7 days.

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Blokable offering thumbnail image}}

After 6 years and over $30 million of investment in R&D and prototyping, Blokable is ready to take on the housing crisis. Having validated its engineering, assembly process, and costs with our Phoenix Rising Development in Auburn, WA, the company is now ready to ramp up Modular Development™ and related manufacturing efforts to create needed multifamily housing, first in California and then across the country and around the world.

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Oncolyze offering thumbnail image}}

Oncolyze is a preclinical stage biotechnology company which is developing an innovative new cancer drug that selectively attacks cancer cells by causing them to explode and die while leaving normal cells intact.

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Series Art #PICASSO offering thumbnail image}}
Series Art #PICASSO

StartEngine Collectibles brings you an opportunity to diversify your portfolio with Pablo Picasso, Femme assise, 1922, pen and ink on paper, 11.3 x 8.8 inches. Please note Owner’s Bonus members have priority for this investment for the first 7 days.

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R3 Printing offering thumbnail image}}
R3 Printing

At R3 Printing, we believe that the products in our lives should be personal. We’re bringing you R3 Printer, a high-performance 3D printer for manufacturing custom 3D-printed products at prices that can compete with mass production. Targeting the $18 billion-dollar 3D printing industry, don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the 6,000+ investors that already have a stake in R3 Printing.

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Legion M Entertainment offering thumbnail image}}
Legion M Entertainment

Legion M is the first entertainment company built to be owned by fans. Enabled by disruptive new securities laws, we’re giving you a seat at the table – and a stake in the outcome – as we unite fans to shape the future of Film and Television!

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StartEngine offering thumbnail image}}

We’re taking startup investing public. That means you can invest in startups and early growth companies, just like our advisor Mr. Wonderful. Get in on the ground floor of some of tomorrow’s biggest companies, then trade with fellow disruptors on our secondary marketplace*. In short – this may be the future of investing.

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iMetabolic BioPharma offering thumbnail image}}
iMetabolic BioPharma

iMetabolic Biopharma Corporation (iMBP) is an early-stage drug discovery company innovating at the intersection of technology and biotechnology to develop new, life-saving drugs to fight against some of today’s most devastating chronic diseases affecting our loved ones. Currently, we are pre-market, advancing five different disease asset programs, and in the process of developing a proprietary technological platform for the discovery of more effective and less expensive drugs. This will allow us to continuously expand our drug pipeline while increasing company value.

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Sparket: The Social Betwork™ offering thumbnail image}}
Sparket: The Social Betwork™

Sparket has created The Social Betwork™, an innovative igaming platform helping our operating partners grow their live event wagering volume and reach. We provide a bet-on-anything platform allowing users to place bets within their communities (Betworks), from professional sports to e-sports, reality TV, award shows, golf tournaments, and more. We are currently in-market with our preliminary free-to-play partnerships and approaching Gaming Labs International (GLI) certification 33, which is a major milestone towards regulatory approvals for future real money wagering software. Our technology is patent pending with the USPTO, and is built with an eye on integrating Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies by decentralizing the entire wagering process. This will enable trusted users to provide event metadata and confirm outcomes as we pursue our mission to democratize live event wagering.

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