Reg D

Reg D is part of the SEC's rules and regulations, and was updated in 2013 as part of Title II in the 2012 JOBS Act.

Reg D is part of the SEC’s rules and regulations, and was updated in 2013 as part of Title II in the 2012 JOBS Act.

This one is barely “crowdfunding” as most people think about it, it’s basically just updating the 1933-era restrictions on how private companies could raise money to reflect the realities of the 21st century, especially the Web. The main change is that now private companies can “generally solicit” investors (meaning advertise and have websites and stuff), but they have to make sure that a person who actually invests is an “accredited investor” and meets specific income or net worth criteria. Title II is why you now hear ads on the radio starting with “Attention accredited investors…” This part of the JOBS Act was the first of these three to go into effect (back in 2013), so is the most mature part of the ecosystem. Most of the crowdfunding platforms you’ve heard of so far probably fit under Title II.

Platforms in our database offering Reg D investments

  • Bolstr ([ACQUIRED] Small-business loans repaid via revenue sharing )
  • EquityNet (Early- to late-stage businesses, no online investments available.)
  • FarmFundr (Invest in farmland )
  • FlashFunders (Broad range of companies and investment types )
  • Fundable (Startup crowdfunding from the family of companies )
  • FundersClub (FundersClub is a pioneering online startup investment platform offering high-profile curated startup investments to accredited investors. )
  • Funding Circle (Invest in secured small-business loans. )
  • iFunding (Reg D Commercial real estate investment portal )
  • LendingHome (Invest in residential mortgages )
  • LexShares (Invest in the outcome of commercial litigation )
  • Localstake (Offers Reg CF, Reg D, and Intrastate crowdfunding investments in small and local businesses )
  • MacroCrowd (Commercial and high-end residential real estate )
  • MicroVentures (Wide breadth of choices for early- and late-stage startup investing, including Reg CF investments open to anyone. )
  • PeerRealty (Invest in commercial real estate )
  • PeerStreet (Residential and commercial real estate debt investments )
  • RealtyMogul (Invest in commercial real estate (including a crowdfunded REIT) )
  • RealtyShares ([CLOSED] Debt, equity and preferred-equity across residential and commercial real estate projects. )
  • SeedUps (Invest in technology startups )
  • Selequity (Invest in commercial real estate )
  • Sharestates (Debt and equity investments in residential and commercial real estate )
  • TrialFunder (Invest in lawsuit loans and settlement funding )
  • Upstart (Ex-Googlers using big data to vet borrowers )
  • Wefunder (Largest Reg CF investment platform, offers investments in dozens of startups with minimums as low as $100. )
  • Netcapital (Reg CF platform offering startup investments for as low as $99. )
  • Small Change (Real Estate investments focused on urban, walkable transit-oriented projects )
  • Wunder (Invest in loans for solar projects )
  • iintoo (Broad mix of real estate investment opportunities with relatively short hold times (18-36 months) )
  • Healthfundr (Invest in health tech and service companies )
  • Money360 (Commercial real estate loans )
  • Propellr (Real estate and other alternative asset investments )
  • InstaLend (10-14% returns on short-term residential real-estate debt investments )
  • RealCrowd (Online marketplace for commercial real estate investments )
  • Holdfolio (Fractional investments in apartments and portfolios of single family homes with fixed-interest payments and revenue/profit sharing. )
  • (Broker-dealer with diverse selection of startups and real estate, some open to non-accredited investors )
  • Royalty Exchange (Auction platform for buying and selling royalty rights (primarily related to music). )
  • Hotel Innvestor (Niche Reg D platform offering debt and equity investments in hotels )
  • EnergyFunders (Tax-favorable long-term Investments in oil and natural gas wells, with quarterly cash flow.)
  • iSelect Fund (Invest in emerging growth companies, primarily in the Midwest and in healthcare, agriculture, B2B and energy. )
  • RealtyeVest (Debt, equity, and hybrid investments in residential and commercial real estate, primarily affordable housing and assisted living. )
  • EquityRoots (Long-term equity and debt investments in hotels )
  • ArborCrowd (Primarily multi-family commercial real estate equity investments with 2-5 year hold times)
  • Fundanna (Niche Reg CF portal offering investments in cannabis startups )
  • StreetShares (StreetShares is a small-business lender with a focus on serving veteran-run businesses, but is open to anyone to join as a borrower or investor )
  • First RealFund (Commercial Real Estate platform offering 12-18% returns on multi-family apartment buildings in the NYC metro area, co-invests on all deals )
  • Hedgeable (As of August 2018, no longer offering investment management or venture funds )
  • Senior Living Fund (Commercial real estate investments in senior living facilities )
  • SharesPost (Secondary market for private-company shares (mostly tech startups), usually from current and former employees)

You can find more information on the various types of offerings over at our blog, or search our database of online crowdfunding, real estate, and alternative investment platforms.

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