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Reg CF crowdfunding investment offerings are true “crowdfunding”, in the sense that anyone can invest in them, and all of the advertising and notifications about them must happen on the internet. The Reg CF investment minimums can be quite small (sometimes $50 or less), and their intent under Title III of the 2012 JOBS Act was clearly to “democratize” raising capital, especially for small businesses. The maximum amount that can be raised by a company under Title III is $1M, though it’s possible to do a “parallel” funding using Title II, which has no maximum.

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Crowdfunded investing with Reg CF investments offers everyone the same kind of influence once reserved for the wealthy, helping pick which companies get funding to launch new products or grow their business. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, check out 5 of the Best Equity Crowdfunding Sites for Beginning Investors and The One Underrated Skill Every Crowdfunding Investor Should Practice from our blog.

Anyone can invest up to $2,000 per year in Reg CF offerings, with higher maximums scaling up with income (up to a maximum of $107,000 per year, even for accredited investors).

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You can find more information on the various types of offerings over at our blog, or search our database of more than 75 online crowdfunding, real estate, and alternative investment platforms. Want to know more but aren’t sure where to start? Ask other investors on our investor forums, or check out the links below.

Reg CF Investment platforms in our database

Boutique Title III Crowdfunding portal
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Low-minimum Reg CF offerings and selection of "private" offerings only open to accredited investors. TaskRabbit was funded on DreamFunded.
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Crowdfunding portal focusing on software and IOT ("Internet of Things") companies
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Broad range of companies and investment types
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Funding Wonder
Crowdfunded small-business loans
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Multiple diversified "eREIT" investments, plus a "mini-IPO" of Fundrise itself.
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GridShare Review
Renewable-energy projects and cleantech startups
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Debt and equity investments in small businesses
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Indie Crowd Funder
Crowdfunding for movies, music and TV shows
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Jumpstart Micro
Startup crowdfunding portal
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Matching businesses with local investors
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MicroVentures Review
Wide breadth of choices for early- and late-stage startup investing, including Reg CF investments open to anyone.
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LA-based Real Estate crowdfunding portal
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Boutique crowdfunding portal
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Reg CF platform
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Invest in local businesses like bars, restaurants, and spas
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Early-stage startups. Features investment groups.
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SeedInvest Review
Wide selection of highly vetted startup investments, plus low-cost auto-invest feature.
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Small Change Review
Real Estate investments focused on urban, walkable transit-oriented projects
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Early-stage startups
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truCrowd is a funding portal that enables non-accredited investors to invest in startups.
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Invest in startups
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Wefunder Review
Largest Reg CF investment platform, offers investments in dozens of startups with minimums as low as $100.
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